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Give your crops the best possible chance

Be completely sure that your farm-saved seed is viable. We can offer you a variety of professional testing services to evaluate the quality of your seed. You'll know what percentage of your seeds germinated and the purity of your mix. We can also test for weeds and diseases.


Don't take chances with your crops, or waste valuable field space on seed that is not up to your standards. Let us test your seed today.

Ensure maximum yield

If you bought seeds from an outside supplier, you would demand the highest quality seed lots, checked for purity, viability, and vigour. Don't settle for less from your farm's own seed. Let us test the quality of your seed, or test for diseases, to ensure the maximum yield from your field.

We can test for:

  • Germination

  • Viability and vigour

  • Purity

  • Diseases

We can do it all

Your seeds are in good hands with our experts. Let us help you ensure the success of your crop. In addition to seed testing, we offer mobile and in house seed cleaning, seed dressing, quality bags and grain cleaning. Give us a call today to discuss your needs.

Our services are available throughout Bath, Swindon and Salisbury.

Ensure the best chance of success for your crop with our seed testing services.

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Small sprouting seeds in the ground